Sunrise Textiles Ltd

We recycle, you reduce



Our Mission

While the Textiles industry has a long history of being thrifty with resources, a large proportion of unnecessary waste is still being disposed into landfill sites. Another proportion is incinerated producing dioxins and other harmful gases. 

Sunrise Textiles Ltd is out to change all this. In collaboration with charities, schools, supermarkets and local authorities, it is our mission to give unwanted clothes  a new lease of life.



Our success is based on the following:
  • A processing plant that produces quality products that gain easy acceptability in overseas markets.
  • Prompt payment for all textiles delivered to us giving charities and other suppliers a reliable income stream.
  • Overseas partners who inform and challenge our continuous improvement program. 

The green home of surplus textile!


Charities and community

All the charities that choose to work with us find a long-term outlet for all their shoes and clothes. And there is a challenge for the community! We pay 50p/kg for all unwanted clothes and shoes delivered to our processing plant in Rainham, Essex. Our address is:

                              Sunrise Textiles ltd
                              Freightmaster Estate
                              Coldharbour lane, Rainham,
                              Essex RM13 9BJ
                              Tel: 0845 305 8136
                              Fax: 0845 305 8134
   Sunrise Textiles Ltd. Registered in England no. 06884450